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Connecting care providers for tomorrow's healthcare today

General Devices believes in challenging the status quo. It accomplishes this by responding to changing needs with innovative solutions that are well-designed and simple to use for the benefit of patients, communities and care providers alike. For more than 25 years, GD continues to be the leader in EMS-hospital communications and mobile telemedicine systems, connecting care providers nationwide and handling thousands of calls daily. GD's innovative spirit continues to push the envelope with next-gen solutions for wearable devices like Google Glass and an eye to future networks like FirstNet.

  • The new CAREpoint Workstation provides call management tools for the Emergency Department and EMS. Integrate communications, information, documentation, 12-Leads and telemedicine in a single, easy-to-use desktop system.
  • e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine is a suite of solutions for telemedicine in the field -- from day-to-day EMS patient care to disaster response to Community Paramedicine. Connecting care providers for tomorrow’s healthcare today.
  • e-Net Messenger is a revolutionary system for messaging voice, text, data, pictures, video clips & 12-Leads to your private network. Fast, secure, and HIPAA-compliant. Now available for Google Glass.

  • Rosetta-DS is a laptop/tablet-based solution for fully digital transmissions of prehospital 12-Lead reports from your monitor to hospitals over data networks.

  • Rosetta-Lt is a ECG report data translator that lets you send prehospital 12-Lead and single-lead reports.  Quick and easy transmission from your monitor over your compatible radio or phone.

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