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The next generation of e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine is available now for

  • Mobile Integrated Healthcare
  • EMS Day-to-day & Disaster Response
  • Community Paramedicine

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e-Bridge™ Mobile Telemedicine - The practical, affordable "Systems" approach to the future of EMS

General Devices’ e-Bridge™ Mobile Telemedicine system is a fully integrated, systems approach to telemedicine for Mobile Healthcare, EMS and Community Paramedicine. e-Bridge Mobile is comprised of "building-blocks" that have been designed to work together as a fully integrated communications and information management system. This unique approach is what provides e-Bridge the flexibility to evolve to meet your changing needs – something consumer grade or expensive single purpose equipment just can’t match.

More than a bridge between the ED and the field, e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine is your bridge to the future.

Secure, HIPAA compliant for

  • Day-to-day & Disaster Response
  • Community Paramedicine
  • Decision Support & Documentation
  • Live Video & Store / Forward
  • Images - Data - Forms
  • 12-Lead & monitor data capable
  • Standards Compatible


Taking Care of Patients, Not Equipment
General Devices understands that the main job of EMS and emergency department personnel is to take care of patients, not equipment. We have a 25-year history of making equipment that is easy to use, reliable, and meets the needs of the user. Throughout this period, we have carefully listened to our customers and have responded with well-tailored, affordable products backed by continuous improvements and upgrades - all backed by service you have to experience to believe!

e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine addresses the complete set of EMS’ needs - communications, documentation & information management.

The e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine system:

  • Is designed to work with a wide variety of communications systems. This ability gives you the key benefits of redundancy, affordability and non-obsolescence. e-Bridge does not replace your current UHF or VHF radios - instead, it allows you to supplement it with the latest wireless digital technology, including 3G cellular, mesh, wi-fi, wi-bro and wi-max. A common graphical user interface (GUI) makes your communications usable by medics, nurses and physicians with little or no special training.
  • Includes a built-in digital log recorder to capture everything! Voice, images, e-PCRs, physiologic information, …..EVERYTHING!!! This simplifies and improves record keeping for medical-legal purposes, training, and patient follow-up and paves the way for the comprehensive electronic medical record keeping and billing. Downloadable, transportable, password-protected, fully encrypted records can accessed on a standard PC from literally anywhere.
  • Has the ability to interface with and acquire, send, display and print images, 12-Lead reports and other physiologic monitoring data, ePCRs, ultrasound and just about any other electronic form of data. This means that whatever you have in the field can quickly get to where it is needed.

Meeting both day-to-day as well as EMS disaster response needs.
The ability to freely communicate physiologic information, images, voice and other forms of data is useful for a wide range of needs, extending from day-to-day to special EMS disaster respnose needs. While many situations are managed by conventional EMS protocols, EMS Telemedicine and telepresence lets distant participants assist and “virtually visit” the scene for those really critical cases. Managing a difficult patient? - Telemedicine can make the difference between a successful encounter and a lawsuit. Need a second opinion to decide between a local or more distant care facility? - EMS Telemedicine can save time, money, and maybe even a life. Having problems assembling the trauma team? - Let the physicians see for themselves what you are bringing in. Disaster response needs? - Why not have an infections control expert assess the scene before running the risk of bringing contaminated patients into the emergency department. These are some of the things that e-Bridge EMS Telemedicine can give you.

Avoiding obsolescence & controlling costs as you move into the future - Configurability by building blocks.
To successfully move into the future, you need a system that your EMS and emergency department people will actually use and will work when they need it. Multiple boxes and multiple systems mean confusion and frustration and result in higher costs, poor performance and obsolescence. With e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine, you will get it right the first time!

e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine is designed to meet your exact needs – both today as well as tomorrow! Whether you need to send 12-Lead reports or full-motion/full color images, the building blocks of e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine let you do what you need to do when you need to do it. The low-cost hand-held Rosetta-Lt lets you send 12-Lead reports over voice grade communications into the CAREpoint Workstation where they can be printed or forwarded directly to the cath lab or cardiologists – in seconds! The full function Rosetta-VC turns your ambulance into a true “mobile intensive care unit”, providing you with a suite of telemedicine capabilities. The Rosetta-Go gives you the ultimate in portable telemedicine – set it up where and when you need it!

Overview of the e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine System.
The e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine System uses the latest technologies for easy to use, reliable mobile telemedicine. In the field, Rosetta-VC connects monitors, notebook computers, cameras, and other field devices to cell phones, broadband wireless systems and conventional radios. In the emergency department, CAREpoint provides for virtually all EMS-related activities - receiving, presenting, printing, and archiving. e-Bridge provides a near seamless link with all elements of the health care system - cath labs, physicians' offices, trauma centers and other public safety agencies.

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