e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine

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 e-BridgeTM Mobile Telemedicine

 The Future of Connected Care is Already in Your Hands.

With e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine, share HIPAA-secure voice, text, photos, data, video clips and stream live with confidence and ease using your smartphone, tablet or PC. Enhance and supplement communications between patients, and healthcare providers.  Plus record, and log for quality assessment, training and medical-legal documentation.  

Highly cost effective, e-Bridge does not require the purchase of any special equipment and involves only a low annual subscription. A variety of plans accommodate both large and small systems so you only pay for what you need.


Features & Benefits Example EMS Use Case
•    HIPAA-compliant, Fully encrypted & Password protected
•    Compatible with most smartphones, tablets, laptops & PC's
•    Photos & videos are not stored in the image gallery
•    Share medical device data and reports data such as ECGs or forms
•    Provide easy access to information related to patient’s’ health conditions or treatments
•    Help document, show or communicate potential medical conditions to health care providers
•    Enable patients and providers to interact with health information
•    Fully integrates with CAREpoint Workstation
  • Stroke assessment assistance
  • Mobile integrated healthcare or community paramedicine (MIH-CP) program
  • Burn or wounds
  • AMA Refusals
  • Trauma, auto accidents
  • Mass casualty incidents
  • Bio/chemical/hazmat events
  • Single or group alerts & sharing


"I can  do a more thorough evaluation, make a better diagnosis, provide better care, and better answer the questions, 'What do we need to do for this patient?'"



Dr. Dan Godbee, Medical Director East Baton Rouge EMS


 Choose who to send your messages to.
 Fully integrates with the CAREpoint Workstation.
Use e-Bridge with Sonim tough devices.
Intutive design for ease of use in all settings.


For more mobile telemedicine information, download your free copy of our informative whitepaper, Mobile Telemedicine: An Innovation Whose Time Has Come. 





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On March 12, 2009, the City of Baton Rouge (BR), Louisiana initiated its state-of-the-art “BR Med-Connect” EMS Telemedicine program with an inauguration event attended by the Mayor, East Baton Rouge Parish EMS Personnel, and physicians and administrators from Our Lady of the Lake Hospital.  Read More...

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Amazon Swim: EMS Telemedicine From Tucson to Amazon
While located in Tucson, Arizona, Dr. Rifat Latifi from Tucson's University Medical Center will be "virtually present" in the Amazon basin of Peru and Brazil via General Devices e-Bridge EMS Telemedicine system.  Read More...

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