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e-Net Messenger Mobile Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android available now!

For a limited time, General Devices is offering a free, no-risk 60-day trial of our new e-Net Messenger.
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e-Net Messenger is a revolutionary system for sending and receiving voice, text, data, pictures and video clips. It offers speed, security and functionality that traditional e-mail and SMS simply cannot provide. It's messaging ... only better.


What is e-Net Messenger used for?

  • EMS & Physician Notifications
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Day-to-day and Disaster Response
  • Basic EMS Telemedicine
  • Interfacility Transfers
  • Resource Sharing
  • 12-Lead Report Forwarding
  • ED Status Reporting
  • Patient Tracking & Identification
  • Documenting Refusals
  • Group Broadcasts
  • Other Healthcare & Public Safety Needs

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Highly cost effective, e-Net Messenger does not require the purchase of any special equipment and involves only one low annual subscription fee. A variety of plans accommodates both large and small systems so you only pay for what you need.

e-Net Messenger uses the CAREpoint Workstation, any standard networked PC, or a mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone/tablet to send or receive voice, text, data or multimedia messages. e-Net Messenger replaces time consuming phone calls and unsecure text and email. With e-Net Messenger, sending to one or to many is quick and easy.

Once you consider the savings in time and the improvements in efficiency and effectiveness, the only question you will have is how you can afford NOT to have e-Net Messenger!

What does e-Net Messenger do for you?

  • Group Networking Made Easy: Send to one or broadcast to many. 
  • Save Time: Eliminate long waits & multiple phone calls.
  • Easy to Use: Simple graphic controls means no special training.
  • Fast: Talk, type, attach & send - that's it!
  • Delivery Confirmation: Message tracking & status alerts.
  • Interoperable: Works with standard networked PCs, mobile devices, & General Devices' family of communications solutions.
  • Affordable: Low subscription cost & no equipment purchases.
  • Meets HIPAA Security and Privacy standards.
  • Business Associate Agreements available.


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How do you get to learn more or see e-Net Messenger?
Simply call or e-mail us and we will answer your questions and even do a live WebEx-based demonstration for you if you want – it’s that easy!

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